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The Growing Digital Marketplace is Shrinking Automotive Dealer Real Estate

Adrienne Roberts, a writer for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), published an article last week concerning the impact digital sales are having on automobile…

The New Dealership: Buying a Car Online

Eight out of ten people who read this post have made a purchase online. Technology, specifically e-commerce, has changed the economy, and the retail…

The Cure to Traffic Congestion — Self-Driving Taxis New Study Finds

No one likes being stuck in traffic. It’s frustrating, tedious, and a waste of valuable time. What if someone told you that there’s a…

Transportation to Entertainment—The Future of the Automated Car

Automated vehicles will soon be a reality. With Ford’s recent announcement, we are looking at a timeline of five years. A few details will…

Autonomous Cars Are the Future (And That’s Definitely a Good Thing!)

Every month brings with it articles about new developments on the road to autonomous cars. Achieving the dream of commercial self-driving vehicles has never…

A New Tech Race: How Connected Cars are Whizzing Past Smart Phones

The Internet of Things (IoT) has incredible potential in the auto industry. Through the connectivity provided by modern technology, we are able to access…

A Jolt in the Car Industry: Should Gas-Powered Cars Fear the Electric Car Sales Competition?

Tesla recently gave the electric car industry a jolt with the unveiling of their new 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery.
The S P100D Model with…

Millennials and Car Culture, Where does it Stand?

Since 2007, there have been a number of articles and discussions around Millennials and their relationship to cars and car culture.
A good…

What Needs to Happen Before Any of Us Can “Drive” Flying Cars
For years, mankind has been working making flying cars a reality.

The Jetsons is an animated classic that’ll forever live in our hearts. But the retrofuturistic series about a family living in a high-altitude utopia gave…

Fast & Furiously Pricey: The Cost of Owning Your Dream Car
The 911’s price tag is the same as some TV actors’ earnings per episode.

We’re going to assume that everyone reading this post has a dream car. If so, what’s yours? Maybe you see yourself driving abroad, perhaps, along…

15 Crazy Car Names that Will Make You Do a Facepalm
The e-Tron means Audi’s electric supercar in English, but “excrement” in French.

Car brands really need to start using the dictionary (including Urban Dictionary), the thesaurus and Google Translate when naming their vehicles. Sure, there are more…

5 Ways Driverless Cars Will Change the World for Better
Imagine freeways that are actually free. Driverless cars can make it happen.

Fiction is now fact. Autonomous cars are rolling out in road tests on asphalt (or concrete) near you, and they’re part of a new agenda…

5 Top-Selling Cars in Canada That Are Cheap to Insure
The Chevy Cruze is one of Canada’s most popular cars - it’s also cheap to insure.

Don’t you wish that car insurance was just a figment of your imagination. It would be nice if one day, a Morpheus-like figure could offer…

On the Map: Which Countries Produce the Best Car Brands?
Sweden has built the best car brands for safety - Volvo being their most recognized.

Have you ever noticed how some people swear by certain cars? They will literally only buy a car from one country. You’ve probably even heard…

7 Vehicles with Awesome Tow Capacity that Aren’t Trucks
The Volkswagen Tiguan has a towing capacity 2,200 lbs.

When you think of hauling heavy objects on the road, you most likely picture a pickup truck pulling a trailer of some sort. And it…

7 Concept Cars that Went from Shows to the Road
The Concept One was one of those concept cars attempting to bring retro back.

You’ve most likely seen a few concept cars in your lifetime. They’re those awesome rides that exist in posters, Google images and auto show exhibits….