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The Race to the Self-Driving Car

The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the way we live. It has connected us to everyone and everything in an effort to…

The Cure to Traffic Congestion — Self-Driving Taxis New Study Finds

No one likes being stuck in traffic. It’s frustrating, tedious, and a waste of valuable time. What if someone told you that there’s a…

How Will Self-Driving Cars Handle Moral Issues?

The title question is one that comes up frequently on discussion forums. It’s a valid question. The install base of self-driving cars is expected…

5 Questions You Have About Self Driving Cars Answered
Google, although a tech brand, is the face of the self driving car.

The self driving car is no longer a sci-fi concept; they’re real and will likely cruise along a road near you. These vehicles, however, remain…