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A Jolt in the Car Industry: Should Gas-Powered Cars Fear the Electric Car Sales Competition?

Tesla recently gave the electric car industry a jolt with the unveiling of their new 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery.
The S P100D Model with…

5 Simple Ways to Raise Your Car’s Trade-in Value
Factors such as the make and model also influence a car’s trade-in value.

This is it – your car has reached its end. After much consideration and weighing of options, you decide that your best move is to…

Why this Online Tool for Finding Car Value Can Help You Buy, Sell or Trade Better
The Jeep Wrangler, which retains almost 70% of its value, has one several CBB awards.

Learning the value of your car is a valuable piece of information within itself. In various situations, knowing what your vehicle is truly worth, can…