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If you get frustrated when people ask how your car search is going, especially with bad credit, it’s a sign that you’re looking in the wrong place. Believe us when we say a car with your name on it is out there. You just have to find the right source.

If you can’t get approved for a car loan because of poor credit, then we can help you here at Auto Loan Solutions. We’ve put smiles on the faces of the formerly frustrated thanks to our ability to get them a deal despite their credit issues.

We do so by getting them into a deal that makes car payments affordable. The result? They can carry out their routine without any hassle, while the costs of the car make it easier to pay on time, regularly, giving them a chance to improve their credit.

We can do the same for you if your credit is a problem. We’ll guide you through the process, from start to finish, making it simple and convenient for you. You will even get your car delivered to wherever in Etobicoke you please!

Steps to Apply for a Car Loan

  1. You apply for a car loan
  2. We call you back to finish your application
  3. Your credit gets reviewed
  4. After your approval, we help you select a car that suits your needs
  5. Complete final paperwork
  6. We deliver your car to a location of your choice!

An Idea of the People We Help

Now you might say to yourself, “They can help some people, but not me.” Maybe you think your credit is too far gone for you to get approved. Maybe you think your situation is too desperate, too challenging or too unique for us to get you into a vehicle.

But we invite you to call, because we’ve pretty much seen it all. We’ve put people with all sorts of challenges, whether they were minor upsets or major troubles, into cars they are happy to drive.

You Can Get a Car Loan With us Even if You Have…

  • Bankruptcies or consumer proposal on record
  • Been denied car loans by car dealerships because of bad credit
  • Trouble getting an auto loan because of unestablished credit
  • Poor finances (ie. large debts) and personal struggles (ie. chronic illness, job loss)
  • Recently come to Canada
  • A vehicle you need to trade in

If you deal with a particular challenge, there’s a good chance that we’ve helped several others who have dealt with the same issue, to get a car. We also guide them through the process, giving them pointers and even lending a listening ear when they someone to hear them out.

Bad credit can make your car search frustrating, but we have the tools to make it painless. Get in touch with us right away, so that we can get you into a car!

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