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When dealing with bad credit, sometimes the things that people tell you to avoid are what you need most. If you’re reading this page, that “thing” may be a car loan. You might have a close friend or family member who told you, “the last thing you need with your credit is a new car.”

But these individuals don’t understand the usefulness of a car loan in these situations. Here at Auto Loan Solutions, we fit people who have bad credit into deals that allow them to drive cars, while improving their credit at the same time. Not only is it possible, it’s doable by anyone willing to stay committed.

We make it easy for our clients to make car payments, by getting them into a vehicle that’s affordable and reliable. With such cars, people find it easy to fit these payments into their budget, so that they make regularly and on time. These good habits can contribute to a better credit score over time.

So if you’re looking to drive and repair your finances at once, you can on our process to do that. And to make the process more convenient, we’ll even bring your car to wherever in Orangeville you please.

Steps to Apply for a Car Loan

  1. You apply for your car loan
  2. We get in touch with you to complete your application
  3. Your credit is reviewed
  4. Once approved, we help you find the car that suits your personal needs
  5. Complete necessary paperwork
  6. We bring your car to you

An Idea of the People We Help

We don’t have an average customer, to put things truthfully. And while that may not seem like a good thing, it’s what separates us from the other dealerships around us. Our approach to providing car loans is to look at the big picture - the aim is to get people back on track with their lives, not to just put them in a car.

That’s why we work with individuals who have challenged credit. It’s also why we put forth a special effort to find cars for those people who have difficult circumstances. We know that getting them into a vehicle can mean the difference between beating their trials for good, or remaining in a constant cycle of debt.

You Can Get an a Loan With Us Even if You Have...

  • Bankruptcies or consumer proposals on your record
  • A string of denials from other dealerships due to bad credit
  • Difficulties getting a car loan because of unestablished credit
  • Personal struggles that affect your finances
  • Moved to Canada recently
  • A car you want to trade in

Since we work with those who have been turned down, many of our customers feel that they have overcome a mountain when they get approved. They’re often surprised at how easily they were able to get a car.

That’s why we don’t want you to feel that a car loan is “the last thing you need” if your credit isn’t great. We can get you on the road to freedom and financial repair. So get in touch with us asap!

Reviews from Our Customers in Orangeville


Great service!!!

Dustin P - May 13th, 2016 - Orangeville, ON

We had an amazing experience with Ashley and Che. Would recommend to everyone.

Tammy M - April 23rd, 2016 - Orangeville, ON