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The Truth About Subprime Customers

If numbers don’t lie, they are telling us that Canadians love their vehicles. The demand for cars in Canada continues to increase as…

The New Dealership: Buying a Car Online

Eight out of ten people who read this post have made a purchase online. Technology, specifically e-commerce, has changed the economy, and the retail…

Canada, China and the U.S—Who Will Rise and Who Will Fall as a Fintech Leader in 2017?

We are only two months into the new year, and already the world of financial technology, or fintech, is seeing huge geographic shifts. Some…

Purpose Over Profit: The Mission of Ontario’s Largest Specialty Auto Loan Company, Auto Loan Solutions

Last Christmas, we gathered around a boardroom table at one of our office locations to make a phone call to a very special individual.

The Strange Relationship Between Fintech, Banks and Millennials

Earlier this month, a user on Quora.com, a knowledge sharing forum, asked a very interesting question, “What are some ways that the fintech industry…

The Cure to Traffic Congestion — Self-Driving Taxis New Study Finds

No one likes being stuck in traffic. It’s frustrating, tedious, and a waste of valuable time. What if someone told you that there’s a…

5 People Who Give Car Care Advice & Whom You Should Trust Most
Choosing the right person or people for car care can get tricky.

Has a peaceful drive ever turned frantic after some weird dashboard symbol began flashing? If you’re like some drivers, the face of your go-to…

Will a Black Box for Your Car Attract “Spies”?
The thought of a black box for your car scares drivers away.

The idea of a device tracking you while you drive seems like a concept straight out of a spy movie. Black boxes are no…

Here’s How Refinancing a Car Loan Works if You Have Bad Credit
Refinancing a car loan with bad credit is possible if you stick to a plan.

Are you stuck with a high interest rate on a car loan? If so, you might feel like the kid who wasn’t invited to…

How Different Countries are Driving Towards Autonomous Vehicles

At the beginning of 2016, the Ontario government launched a pilot project that allowed autonomous vehicles (AVs) to be tested on Ontario roads. This…

7 Hidden Reasons Why You Didn’t Get Approval for a Car Loan
The reasons for car loan denial are often right under a person’s nose.

When a lender says you “don’t qualify for a car loan”, the cycle of negative thinking fires off like a light show on New…

3 Budgeting Ideas Young Adults Should Try to Master their Money
Young adults can benefit by trying budgeting strategies which aren’t taught in schools.

There was a time when village elders in some parts of the world, would send boys out with bows and arrows, to kill a…

Why the Modern World Has a Financial Literacy Problem
Many believe teaching personal finance in schools could help kids manage money better as adults.

Imagine the brightest kid in class, who could someday land a six-figure job at a bank, ending up broke by the time he’s just…

Here’s What it Takes to Make Immigration to Canada Stress-free
Immigration to Canada can feel both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.

Moving to a big country like Canada is a heart-pounding experience, because you will likely feel excited and nervous at the same time. The…

Can I Refinance My Car Loan with Bad Credit?
Refinancing a car loan with bad credit is a concern for many.

Let’s say you end up with a car loan, but the interest rate is higher than what you really want. You might cringe a…

How Will Self-Driving Cars Handle Moral Issues?

The title question is one that comes up frequently on discussion forums. It’s a valid question. The install base of self-driving cars is expected…

Transportation to Entertainment—The Future of the Automated Car

Automated vehicles will soon be a reality. With Ford’s recent announcement, we are looking at a timeline of five years. A few details will…

Autonomous Cars Are the Future (And That’s Definitely a Good Thing!)

Every month brings with it articles about new developments on the road to autonomous cars. Achieving the dream of commercial self-driving vehicles has never…

3 Essential Facts Leaders Needs to Know About Corporate Culture

Leadership is more than just telling someone else what to do. A leader sets the agenda. A leader is a provider, allocating the necessary…

Bad Car Design: So You Think You Can Do Better?
We criticize poorly designed cars thinking it’s an easy job. It’s not.

When a car with botched design hits the scene, everyone thinks they could have done a better job. “What’s up the rear?” they ask….