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Big Data is Fueling the Auto Industry

Experts say that Big Data is “new fuel” for the automotive industry, with the potential to take the industry to new heights over the…

The Growing Digital Marketplace is Shrinking Automotive Dealer Real Estate

Adrienne Roberts, a writer for the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), published an article last week concerning the impact digital sales are having on automobile…

The Race to the Self-Driving Car

The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the way we live. It has connected us to everyone and everything in an effort to…

The New Dealership: Buying a Car Online

Eight out of ten people who read this post have made a purchase online. Technology, specifically e-commerce, has changed the economy, and the retail…

The Cure to Traffic Congestion — Self-Driving Taxis New Study Finds

No one likes being stuck in traffic. It’s frustrating, tedious, and a waste of valuable time. What if someone told you that there’s a…

Will a Black Box for Your Car Attract “Spies”?
The thought of a black box for your car scares drivers away.

The idea of a device tracking you while you drive seems like a concept straight out of a spy movie. Black boxes are no…