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Bad Car Design: So You Think You Can Do Better?
We criticize poorly designed cars thinking it’s an easy job. It’s not.

When a car with botched design hits the scene, everyone thinks they could have done a better job. “What’s up the rear?” they ask….

Are Men or Women Better Drivers? Pt.3 What the Numbers Say
Statistics reveal whether men or women are better drivers in unexpected ways.

Science and society often creates differences in the way men and women drive.
Here we are at part 3 of our series, “Are Men…

Are Men or Women Better Drivers? Pt.2 What Our Society Thinks
Apart from biology, society may very well condition men and women to drive differently.

In part one of “Are Men or Women Better Drivers?”, we discussed the biology behind driving and how that affects skill levels in men…

Are Men or Women Better Drivers? Pt.1 – What Science Says
For years, people have argued whether men or women are better drivers.

For the last three minutes, you’ve waited in line as a little red Prius struggles to reverse into a parking spot. And if the…

Why What Your Car Says About You is Louder than You Think
To many, drivers of BMWs aren’t the nicest people on the road.

As exaggerated as some car ads are, many of them get at least one thing right – the look of your vehicle sends a message…

Why Cars Are Called Lemons & How You Can Avoid Buying One
Volkswagen’s iconic ad may have made the term “lemon car” popular.

March is Fraud Prevention Month, and to honour its importance, we’ve decided to discuss a very important topic – lemons. We’re not talking about picking…

3 of the Best Car Conspiracy Theories that No One Talks About
One of the best conspiracy theories on cars revolve around Stanley Meyer’s water-powered car.

When we think of conspiracy theories, we usually think of The Moon Landing, President Obama’s birth certificate, and the belief that Paul McCartney is no…

The Best Car Movies & Shows to Watch Before the Holidays Are Gone
James Bond movies are spy movies, but the car scenes are forever memorable.

The Holidays are coming to an end. In a matter of days, you’ll have to put the suit and tie on, and head into work…

Will a Self Driving Car Bring an End to Our Driving Skills?
Remember Knight Rider? Well, its concept now thrives outside the silver screen.

Cars are getting smarter. They’ve joined the ranks of planes, trains, computers, phones, robots and home appliances – modern inventions from man who may soon…

9 Rides Worth Re-Selling & What They Can Do For You
Who’d want to sell their Porsche! Fortunately, those who do can expect high returns.

Cars, much like people, aren’t built the same. Of course, some folks would argue with such a statement  since designers are jumping from car brand…

How to Put the Brakes on Car Ownership Stress

The alarm goes off. It’s 6:00 AM, and you awake to a soothing, musical chime emanating from your smartphone, a pleasant sound that does nothing…

Some Fun Facts About Auto Loan Solutions
12.30.2014 - Pic - Fun Facts About Auto Loan Solutions

When you apply for a car loan through Auto Loan Solutions, we learn things about you. With this post, we’d like to turn the tables…