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10 Perfectly Timed Photos of Cars & Other Vehicles You Need to See

Posted by Auto Loan Solutions on April 19, 2016 @13:45:38 EDT

Snap a pic of something at the right time, and it can turn out to be absolute genius or utterly embarrassing. A Google image search will reveal a massive gallery of these images. Since we’re in the car business, we thought we’d show you a small compilation of perfectly timed photos involving different types of cars, and the crazy stunts they appear to be pulling off. They’re mainly car pics, but you’ll find a few other vehicles (and their drivers) who were caught on camera at the right second. And we have to give serious kudos to the photographers (or the smartphone users) for taking these pictures.

1. Car Wars

Light and dark meet again.

It’s light versus dark in this pic. You gotta love the shadow and light contrast here as well. If Star Wars had a spin-off series about suburban car battles, it would probably look something like this.

2. Ghostriding the Whip

This statue is pretty relaxed...or so it would seem.

If you’re a hip-hop fan, you most likely know what it means to “ghostride the whip”. If you don’t, it means dancing on, or around a moving car that has no one driving it, which is a dangerous practice by the way. This statue seems comfortable though.

3. King Kong

Perhaps this is the poster for the next King Kong movie?

Perhaps taken at a safari park somewhere, someone took this perfectly timed photo of a monkey on their windshield. They certainly did a good job of making an innocent primate look like a giant ape on the loose, destroying all cars in its path.

4. Doing an Ollie

Part-racer, part-skateboarder.

Riding a motorbike at speeds of 250 km/h sends a jolt of adrenaline just thinking about it. So when you see a pic of a rider doing the equivalent of a skateboard trick on their bike, it makes you stare in awe.

5. Evel Knievel

Part-time race, part-time stunt devil.

Here’s another awesome (and somewhat terrifying) motorcycle pic. It’s clearly not a stunt – the rider has legitimately fallen off (something they are trained for) – but it looks like a daredevil at work, something that only the late Evel Knievel would attempt in his prime.

6. A Whole Lotta Trunk

Even elephants have favourite cars.

We’re not sure whether the driver should be in awe or fearful in this photo. The timing on this is great, because you can’t tell what the elephant is up to with this pose. Apparently, though, it is mating season for this elephant, meaning his testosterone levels are surging. It sure explains a lot.

7. Backing Out

No one was hurt in this scene.

Fortunately, the driver of this car escaped without a scratch. There was some damage done to the vehicles below due to falling debris, but again, no one was injured. The sheer shock of walking into a scene that belongs in an action flick makes for a must-have pic.

8. What a Boatload

One of the perfectly time photos that makes you do a double take.

Despite the impossibility of a truck carrying a luxury liner, this photo looks pretty convincing that it can happen. This is a perfectly timed photo that makes you do a double take, just based on how well the position of the cruise ship lines up with the flatbed of the truck. Brilliant.

9. Side Wheelie

Looks like a screenshot from a movie or video game.

“Take that!”, says the driver on your right. Of course, we don’t know if they’re actually saying that. But this awesome photo gives us the impression of the driver saying so due to the angle at which the photographer captured the image.

10. Hit While Running

Another one of the perfectly timed photos that will make you look twice.

Unlike some of the other photos in this post, we can separate illusion from reality here. The young woman in this photo is clearly okay (although probably freaked out) despite what looks like the truck making contact with her. Regardless, snapping the truck at this angle is quite impressive, not to mention a bit scary.

Picture Perfect

The compilation of these car pics seem more like a photography lesson than anything. But they’re fun to look at. Also, these perfectly timed photos put us into a state of awe, bringing to mind scenes from our favourite movies, T.V. shows and other forms of entertainment. And if you’re ever bored or looking for something to share with a friend, you can always send them pics like these.