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The Truth About Subprime Customers

If numbers don’t lie, they are telling us that Canadians love their vehicles. The demand for cars in Canada continues to increase as…

Purpose Over Profit: The Mission of Ontario’s Largest Specialty Auto Loan Company, Auto Loan Solutions

Last Christmas, we gathered around a boardroom table at one of our office locations to make a phone call to a very special individual.

How Different Countries are Driving Towards Autonomous Vehicles

At the beginning of 2016, the Ontario government launched a pilot project that allowed autonomous vehicles (AVs) to be tested on Ontario roads. This…

3 Essential Facts Leaders Needs to Know About Corporate Culture

Leadership is more than just telling someone else what to do. A leader sets the agenda. A leader is a provider, allocating the necessary…

3 Ways Most Modern Businesses Are Lacking In Leadership Development

Leadership is a key ingredient in achieving business success. Strategy, resource-availability, company culture, and commitment are all important components of a business’ success but…

Millennials: Canada’s New Majority Workforce (And Why You Shouldn’t Panic)

Do you believe, as many do, that millennials are an entitled, praise-obsessed generation ready to abandon your organization at the drop of a hat?…

A Jolt in the Car Industry: Should Gas-Powered Cars Fear the Electric Car Sales Competition?

Tesla recently gave the electric car industry a jolt with the unveiling of their new 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery.
The S P100D Model with…

What Does the Potential Value of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Have to Do with the Auto Industry?

Bringing back the 90s
What was old is new again this month as several news outlets and social media channels exploded with stories about…

Taking a Second Look Through the Window of the Car Dealership’s Future

Last year, I wrote an article looking to the changing nature of the car dealership and its future. Given all the new developments that…

10 of the Most Reliable Car Brands You Should Consider
Andy Greenberg from WIRED luckily away from a Jeep that was subject to car hacking.

In our previous post, we discussed the topic of car longevity, and how the cars that lasted the longest were the best cared for. It’s…

Be Cool This Summer: 3 Things to Prep Your Car With
Don’t get stuck in this without a working AC!

Remember around October or November, when the first set of chills arrived? You probably scrambled not only to get a new winter coat, but also,…

Figuring Out What’s Best for Your Kid’s First Ride
Your kid’s safety is far more important a few initial savings.

Kids remain kids for a small fraction of life. As toddlers, they spent hours playing with hot wheels or Barbie convertibles but now, they’re asking…

What it Means When Your Car Loan is “Upside Down” & What to Do About It
Car Loan Upside Down? Find out what you can do about it - now.

Imagine if you could only pay for a car with cash, upfront. The world would run amok with a neverending  stream of pedestrians, cyclists and…

How to Put the Brakes on Car Ownership Stress

The alarm goes off. It’s 6:00 AM, and you awake to a soothing, musical chime emanating from your smartphone, a pleasant sound that does nothing…

Choosing Between Two Cars – How to Narrow Down Your Options
12.13.2014 - Pic - 2 cars

Congratulations! You have decided it’s time to buy a new or used vehicle. Once you have decided on your budget and arranged your car loan,…

Winter Safety Saves Money AND Lives – Part 2
11.20.2014 - Pic - Winter Driving Pt2

As we learned in our first post on safe winter driving, there are a lot of actions you can take to keep yourself, your family…

Winter Safety Saves Money AND Lives – Part 1
11.20.2014 - Pic - Winter Driving Pt1

Even though we all know it’s coming, the sudden arrival of accumulated snow on the roads in Southern Ontario always manages to throw us for…