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10 Car Accident Videos That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Posted by Auto Loan Solutions

Car videos of crashes and close calls have educational value beyond mere shock value.It takes just a second or two for a peaceful drive to turn treacherous. Thanks to cameras in their various forms, whether they’re dashcams, handhelds, or smartphones, we see examples of these split-second events as mobile devices capture the moments leading up to accidents and close calls. One minute a person is driving while singing with the radio or chatting with a friend, and then suddenly, they’re swerving and screaming in an attempt to save their souls. When it’s over, they’re just as surprised to be alive as viewers would be. Seeing car videos of these events give us a new appreciation for life, and emphasize the importance of having sharp driving skills. More importantly, they also remind us not to drive like maniacs.

1. Calm During the Storm

Summary: A young woman is driving along a stretch of rural road on a rainy day until she loses control around a bend.

Lesson(s): Wearing a seatbelt should be automatic; make it the first thing you do after sitting in your car. As for skids and losing control, try your best not to panic or steer in all directions (steer in the direction of the skid).

2. A Boulder Off the Shoulder

Summary: In this silent video, an unknown driver captures footage of another car narrowly dodging rock fragments and a crashing boulder.

Lesson(s): From the perspective of the driver who recorded the video, you should remember the advice to keep your distance from other drivers (don’t tailgate). From the experience of the poor drivers of the white car ahead, learn to pay attention to your surroundings, so you can make quick decisions if necessary.

3. Sideways “Wheelie”

Summary: A driver captures another motorist trying to pass between a truck and a parked car.

Lesson(s): Don’t try to fit yourself through narrow openings with vehicles on either sides of you, unless you’re 100% confident that there’s enough space to do so. And above all, learn to have patience. You’re often not as late as you think you are for things.

4. Pedestrians With Nine Lives

Summary: A driver’s camera captures a car collision that almost rolls into crossing pedestrians.

Lesson(s): This is one of those car videos that actually has more value for pedestrians (and we’re all pedestrians at times). Remain aware of your surroundings, and put the phone or headphones away while crossing. Making the effort to do so can save your life.

5. Duke of Hazard

Summary: A motorcyclist captures an impatient driver overtaking his buddies on the grass before the car careens back into the road.

Lesson(s): For motorists of all vehicles, make it a habit to keep an eye on others who drive recklessly. You want to stay clear of them to avoid possible contact. As for overtaking other vehicles, ask yourself if it’s worth sending someone else or yourself to the ER just to get farther ahead.

6. Taking a Plunge

Summary: A foolish driver and his friend try to drift along the shores of a lake, only to end up in it.

Lesson(s): The takeaway here is self-explanatory. The “please don’t try this at home” warning label applies if you don’t have the skills to pull off these kinds of stunts. And even if you do, don’t do it near a body of water.

7. Filling the Gaps

Summary: In this vid, we witness the sheer stupidity of a driver trying to plow through stopped traffic in a tunnel.

Lesson(s): Like the advice given for example #3, don’t try to fit through narrow gaps between cars. But here’s an even better word of advice – accept that there’s traffic in front of you and stop. The risky moves some people try just to avoid a jam makes things worst.

8. Frozen, Fast, & Frightening

Summary: A family loses control on an icy road and collides with a truck (fortunately, no one was injured).

Lesson(s): When driving in wintery road conditions, you must slow down and avoid hard braking. Winter tires can’t prevent accidents if you drive carelessly. Additionally, if you find yourself in a skid or lose control, you should steer in the skid’s direction to the best of your ability (as mentioned in example #1).

9. Fishtail and Slide Flip

Summary: In what seems like a leisurely family ride, the driver has to swerve for life as an out-of-control semi truck crosses their path.

Lesson(s): The way events unfolded here remind us that all we can do at times is react. Therefore, it’s wise to remember Dramatic car videos highlight how unpredictable the road can be. your defensive driving techniques. You never know what you may confront on the road ahead of you.

10. Unhinged

Summary: A driver encounters another motorist who tries to enter his car in a fit of road rage. The angry driver should have stayed inside.

Lesson(s): This is one of those car videos that ends off with a hilarious twist. However, there is a vital lesson to learn here: never leave your vehicle if another driver gets out to confront you. Another person’s road rage can turn dangerous for you, so stay inside.

Reminders in Motion

These types of car videos often get passed among friends through links, usually to entertain. Those close calls captured on Car videos remind us to drive defensively and avoid reckless maneouvers. video make most people react with awe. But their purpose goes beyond entertaining us. Looking at this footage can serve as an important reminder to stay safe on the roads. Whether it means sharpening your own skills or avoiding dangerous habits, the moments caught on camera where drivers narrowly escaped tragedy should remain in the back of our heads. After all, it often takes a frightening image to motivate us to take action or change our behaviour.  

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