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17 Reaction GIFs to Remind You What Owning Your First Car Felt Like

Posted by Auto Loan Solutions

Buying your first car is one of the greatest milestones you have ever reached. No matter what type of car you had, there are plenty of experiences you’ll never want to forget. Whether it was the excitement of a test drive or a great adventure like a road trip across the country, you probably want to keep those good memories fresh. So before they end up in your mind’s recycling bin, take a look at these reaction GIFs that capture what it’s like in your new ride. You can probably relate to a few of them.

1. How you felt when the salesman first handed you the key

Few accomplishments beat the feeling of getting your first car.


2. How you felt when you first played your favourite driving anthem in your new car

Playing your favourite tunes in your first car makes driving that much more fun.

Via Dawg

3. How you felt when you first walked up to the party, work or school after parking your new car

Your first car probably gave you a new air of confidence.

Via Network

4. How you felt the first time you were away from your car because it was in the shop

The first time your car was in the shop, you may have felt like this.


5. How you felt when you got your first major repair bill

The reaction for your first repair bill was probably something like this.

Via Century Fox

6. How you felt when you gave your car its first wash

The look on your face when your first car get’s a wash.

7. How you felt when you hit your first pothole

What’s worse than hitting a massive pothole in your first car?


8. How you felt when you saw your first scratch

Wait...what’s worse than a pothole is seeing a scratch on your new ride.


9. How you felt when someone first asked to borrow your car

Remember, when someone asked to borrow your car? Yeah, it wasn’t happening.


10. How you felt when you installed your first car mod

Installing your first car mod and seeing it work probably made you feel like this.

Via Central

11. How you felt when someone first dissed your new ride

When your first car got dissed, you got pissed.


12. How you felt when someone complimented your taste in cars

 You were all smiles when someone said you have good taste in cars.

Via Tumblr

13. How you felt when you first saw the check engine light

The check engine light scared us too.

14. How you felt when you first said “yes” after someone asked if you drive

This reaction probably summed up the pride you had for your new car.


15. How you felt when you or someone else was the first to spill a drink all over the seat

First spill in first car - we wouldn’t feel happy either.


16. How you felt when you had your first close call with a car or pedestrian

It’s every driver’s fear - wrecking their first car.


17. How you felt when you first accepted it was time to get a new car (that’s if you loved it to begin with)

Assuming you loved your first car, you probably weren’t too happy to give it up.


Not everyone had the same experience with their first car, but many of you can relate. With that said, tell us what it was like driving your first car in the comments section below.

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