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Mark these words: “The days of getting denied for a car loan will end here.” It’s a bold statement. But keep in mind that there are very few dealerships who actually know how to work with individuals who have poor or unestablished credit.

Fortunately, we know how to help these folks. In fact, it’s our specialty to take people who can’t get a car because of their credit, and put them in a car while helping them rebuild their credit. It may seem like a tall order, but we make it happen.

It all starts with our approach. We put our clients into a vehicles that they can afford on their monthly budget. This allows them to make regular and timely payments that look good on their credit profiles, and leads to an increase in their scores.

Here’s the best part: the process is quick and easy. We’ll guide you through from start to finish so you never seem lost along the way. And it’s also convenient - we’ll deliver your car to a location of your choice!

Steps to Apply for a Car Loan in Woodstock

  1. Submit application for a car loan
  2. We call you back to finish the application
  3. You credit is checked
  4. Once approved, we help you find the car that suits you best
  5. Complete essential paperwork
  6. We deliver your car to a location of your choice

An Idea of the People We Help

If you have an idea of the people we work with in mind, you are right. In fact, we work not only with them, but everyone who contacts us. We understand difficulties getting approved because of a car loan is a challenge that can affect anyone. That’s why we try our best to work with lenders, so that all of our customers have a fair chance at getting a car.

And a fair chance is what many of clients have received and thanked us for. A large number of these folks came from situations where getting a new car seem out of the question. However, we were able to make it a reality for them.

You Can Get a Car Loan With us Even if You Have...

  • A bankruptcy or consumer proposal on record
  • Been denied an auto loan in the past because of poor credit
  • Been turned declined by car dealers because of unestablished credit
  • Financial difficulties or personal challenges
  • Recently moved to Canada (past few months or weeks)
  • A vehicle you want to trade in

There is a sense of relief and empowerment that comes for these folks once they get approved for a car. Since it’s unlike anything they’ve experienced at other dealerships, they’re often proud to tell others about it.

Don’t sit back and accept car loan rejection as just a part of bad credit. Get in touch with us today, so that we can get you into a new or used set of wheels.

Reviews from Our Customers in Woodstock


Drivers were very personable and professional. Arrived on time. Very pleased!

Patricia & Helen W - September 25th, 2016 - Woodstock, ON

You guys are awesome!

Anthony C - February 5th, 2016 - Woodstock, ON

Thank you for helping me when it seemed hard to find a car with 0 down and delivered to the front door on time. You were helpful getting information f...

Michael B – November 20th, 2014 - Woodstock, ON