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We couldn’t say a credit score is “nothing but a number”, but it doesn’t have to bring your life to a halt. So if you’re in a need of a car, your credit doesn’t have to be the reason why you should avoid buying a car. Here’s why.

We at Auto Loan Solutions know that you can continue with life as usual, while repairing what has been broken. In other words, you can get a car to carry out your routine and improve your credit score at the same time. And we can help you do that.

It works by us getting you a vehicle that your budget can tolerate, and in top condition so that you don’t needlessly waste your hard-earned money on repairs. With such a car, you can make your payments regularly and on time, two habits that contribute to a better credit score.

Our process is quick and easy. We’ll guide you through it from start to finish and to make it more convenient for you, we’ll deliver your car to any location in Georgetown you choose!

Steps to Apply for a Car Loan

  1. You apply for a car loan online
  2. We call you back to start the process
  3. Your credit profile is pulled and reviewed
  4. We help you find the right car after your approval
  5. Final aspects of the deal get finalized
  6. We deliver your car to a location of your choice

An Idea of the People We Help

Because of our approach, we can say with 100% confidence that anyone can benefit from our services. Regardless of background, circumstances or demands, we don’t jump to conclusions about any of our clients.

You might say that your situation is too difficult for us to help, especially if others have told you this in the past. However, individuals with some of the most challenging situations you can think have contacted us, and we’ve worked with them to get the car they need.

You Can Get a Car Loan With us Even if You Have…

  • Dealt with bankruptcies or have submitted consumer proposals
  • Been denied auto loans because of your credit
  • Been denied a car loan due to unestablished credit
  • Difficulties with your finances or personal life
  • Recently moved to Canada
  • A car you have to trade in

Regardless of what challenges these folks dealt with, we made sure to guide them through the process. Not only did we make their application simple, we also taught them things about auto finance they wouldn’t have learned elsewhere. And when that happens, they’re not afraid to express how they feel about it.

You no doubt want an experience like the one described above. If you need a vehicle but struggle to get approved due to your credit, apply with us right away. We’ll get you moving again!

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