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You can make a rough patch smooth with the right tool. And the best way to find that tool is to approach the people who offer it and know how to use it effectively.

That’s where we come in. Seeing bad credit as an opportunity, we will work with the banks to get you approved for a car loan, using it to rebuild your credit. So if it looks like you’ll get nowhere because of a three-digit score, come to us so we can get you and your life moving forward again.

Unlike many dealerships, we find you a car that suits your monthly budget. Doing so allows you to make regular payments towards your car, and that gives you the chance to improve your credit for the better.

That’s why we see an auto loan as a tool. And we’ll deliver that tool - your car - right to your doorstep, no matter where in Georgetown you live.

Steps to Apply for a Car Loan

  1. Apply for a car loan
  2. We will call you to complete your application
  3. We pull and review your credit profile
  4. Once approved, we help find you the perfect car
  5. Paperwork gets finalized
  6. We deliver your vehicle to a location of your choice

An Idea of the people we help

At Auto Loan Solutions, our main concern is not only getting you approved for a car loan. We’d rather focus on giving you a chance to fix your finances and gain some flexibility in your life.

So even though we’re an car loan company, we look down the road (excuse the pun) by giving you a car in the hopes that you’ll improve your finances. That’s why we help you find a car that is reliable and affordable. In doing so, you can make regular payments on time, which is a key ingredient for good credit.

And that’s something we’ve done for many. We’ve helped plenty of people who were in serious, even dire situations get a car and make strides to improve their situations. We’re confident that if you face similar challenges, we can help you come out on top as well.

You Can Get a Car Loan With us Even if You Have...

  • Filed for bankruptcy or submitted a consumer proposal
  • Been rejected by other car dealers due to poor credit
  • Issues getting approved for car loans because you have unestablished credit
  • Financial problems and personal struggles
  • Just moved to Canada
  • A car you want to trade in

We’ve worked with just about everyone. Regardless of personal background, we want all of those we work with to get the best support available, and that desire shows in what clients say about us.

It is our goal that you walk away saying something like the review above. We hope so not for our own ego, but for your own benefit.

So if you need a car but have credit issues, give us a shout. We’re confident that you’ll walk (or better yet, drive) away with a great deal.