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3 Good Reasons to Spend More Time Choosing Your Car’s Colour

Posted by Auto Loan Solutions

For all you car junkies out there, finding the right colour for your car could be no challenge at all. From the time you were a kid, you Your best car colour is very much a matter of personal preference. knew you wanted a red or yellow Corvette. For the rest of you, picking a good colour is more of a struggle. You might feel like a kid struggling to make their pick from the  McDonald’s menu. And that’s actually a good thing. There is such thing as choosing the best car colour possible, and it goes beyond just having a favourite shade (although that is a major deciding factor). So it does not hurt to spend extra time trying to figure out what colour will work best for your vehicle.

Personal preference

Let’s deal with the obvious here. The colour you like on your car, matters more than what anyone else will suggest, or try to persuade you into choosing. You want blue, your spouse wants silver. You want blue, and your best friend suggests yellow. You want blue, but a salesperson says he likes that car in black. What matters at the end of the day? The fact that you want blue. Your preference comes first, and other people have to respect it.

Your car speaks through its colour

You’ve probably heard of colour symbolism – the concept that certain colours give off certain meanings. If so, you’ll be glad to know that this is true for car as well.

  • Black – If you want to roam the city streets with an air of intrigue or mystery, black is the colour to go with. Generally speaking, black gives off an air of sophistication.
  • Blue – Do you want a car that’s as confident as you are? Then blue is your match, particularly if it’s dark. Dark blue also gives off the appearance of integrity and stability. No wonder the seafaring military is known as the Navy.
  • Red – There’s a reason why red makes bulls angry – it’s the colour of aggression. If you’re driving a sports car that boasts its power and speed, then red is the perfect colour to reflect that. Naturally, it is a vibrant colour, so even those who just want their cars to look and feel expressive, can go for red.
  • White – White gives off the impression of innocence and purity. Although being a conservative colour, white is very inviting to onlookers. The downside of white cars, is the fact that they show dirt the easiest – an ironic reality considering it is the colour of purity.

Resale value

Maintenance, detailing and upgrades can certainly raise your car’s value. But whether you believe it or not, the colour of your vehicle has an impact on its value as well. You see, colours are symbolic because of their cultural and psychological aspects. For example, you’ve most likely noticed brands that use very distinct colour schemes – they reflect a certain mood or attitude. And for certain events, it’s customary to wear a particular colour to dignify or represent the occasion (this varies from culture to culture). Likewise, with cars, there are some colours that naturally draw potential buyers in, and it certainly helps if you own one of them.

Top Selling Shades

The cars that sell the best are usually black, white or silver. In this vibrantly colourful world in which we live, the vehicles that sell the most are – you guessed it – black, white and silver. In North America, that may come as surprise to some of you, while others may have had a hunch. And this isn’t only true in the west. Black, white and silver cars are the top sellers throughout the world as well (Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia). In the middle, are the cars coated with grey, red or blue paint. Cars that are coloured brown, green and everything else in-between, round out the bottom. Again, it’s important to stress that you shouldn’t base your decisions on what everyone else buys. However, if you’re thinking of buying a car for the short-run, which you will then sell, it’s worth taking note of the colours that sell the best.

Bird droppings

We treat our cars like treasure, while birds look down on them like toilets. It’s happened to you before – you walk out of a grocery store and when you reach the car, you see the white splotch stuck to the roof or windshield. Gross. For those of you who didn’t know this, bird droppings are damaging to car paint, and various other surfaces as well.

What does this have to do with car colours? Well, scientists have observed that birds are more likely to release their droppings onSome car colours are more likely to attract birds. cars of certain colours – most noticeably blue and red cars. Although there are no proven theories as of yet, scientists believe that the birds are more likely to see their reflections in these colours, which apparently, they view as a threat. So their reaction is attack using their rear ends. Realistically speaking, birds can and will make a number on any car they see fit. However, if you choose a red or blue vehicle, prepare yourself to deal with more droppings.

No Room to be Dull

If anyone ever tells you not to obsess over a car’s colour, tell them to vamoose! It’s much more important than merely satisfying the eyes. Of course, your individual tastes do matter, but there are benefits to choosing the best car colour that’s available for your desired vehicle. The monetary and physical value (in the case of birds taking number twos on your car) greatly depend on the colour you select. And there’s no doubt in mind that you want your car to be of the highest standard. So the lesson here is to not look at automobiles in a colour blind fashion. Whether you choose a vehicle painted in vanilla white, navy blue, or lime green, recognize the effect it will have on others besides yourself.

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