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Somewhere, somehow, there’s a person driving a shiny new car despite having credit challenges they may not want to share with their friends. And they’re happy because their credit will soon look as good as their car.

How is that possible you ask? They came to us, Auto Loan Solutions, for help. We help people looking for a car loan in Mississauga get approved for the most reliable vehicle at the lowest rate possible, instead of turning them away. But the magic lies in the fact that we use auto loans as a tool to help people rebuild their credit.

Our goal is to get you into an affordable and reliable vehicle that makes it easy for you to make your monthly payments. Ultimately, that gives you the chance to drive the car you need and re-establish your credit while doing so.

Best of all, we’ll stay connected with you, never missing a phone call or an appointment to chat with you. Unlike any other auto finance company in Mississauga, we will deliver your shiny new car to any location in Mississauga, whether it’s home or work.

Steps to Apply for a Car Loan in Mississauga

  1. Apply for an auto loan
  2. We’ll call you back right away to begin the process
  3. We review your credit
  4. After your approval, we help you find the right car
  5. We finalize the deal
  6. Your vehicle gets delivered to a location of your choice

An Idea of the people we help

One thing that we’ve often echoed in speech here at Auto Loan Solutions, is that we’re not in the car business – we’re in the people business. And because of that attitude, we see the act of selling cars as a means to improve lives.

There are people from all corners of the globe and all aspects of life who need and deserve a second chance. And we’ve done that for many people whose lives depended on a car.

You Can Get a Car Loan With us Even if You Have…

  • Filed for bankruptcy or submitted a consumer proposal
  • Been rejected by other car dealers due to poor credit
  • Difficulties getting car loans approved due to unestablished credit
  • Financial struggles and difficult personal circumstances
  • Recently landed in Canada
  • A vehicle you want to trade in

We believe no one is beyond help. True, some individuals may have tougher circumstances, but they’re often the most willing to make changes in their lives, and we want to give them that chance.

Regardless of your situation, we want your car to simplify your routine, and give you a means of improving your finances. If you’re ready to get back on the road and on your feet, get in touch with us today!

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  • 3000 Woodchester Drive
  • Mississauga, ON
  • L5L 2R4
  • Phone: (289) 806-1625


  • 225 Dundas Street East
  • Mississauga, ON
  • L5A 1W8
  • Phone: (289) 274-7907


  • 290 Dundas Street East
  • Mississauga, ON
  • L5A 1W9
  • Phone: (289) 274-7658


  • 300 Dundas Street East
  • Mississauga, ON
  • L5A 1W9
  • Phone: (289) 274-7530


  • 2600 Motorway Boulevard
  • Mississauga, ON
  • L5L 1X3
  • Phone: (289) 274-7698