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Here’s the #1 Factor that Says Which Car is Right for You

Posted by Auto Loan Solutions

When asking what vehicle should I buy?, avoid putting your ego or expectations first. What car will you drive next? It’s a question that leaves many people daydreaming (perhaps even dreaming) about the set of wheels that will sit in their driveway. You probably relate to this, perhaps thinking about the engine, trim, and the overall specs you’d like it to have, singling out the individual aspects you fancy the most. But you shouldn’t buy a car based on those factors alone. Considering the cost of buying a car, maintaining it and how much it can impact your life, satisfying your ego or the expectations of others should be an afterthought when asking, “what vehicle should I buy?”.  

The Ultimate Deciding Factor

So what is it that should tell you, “yes, that’s the one!”? The factor that should make a particular car the right choice is simple yet easily overlooked: it just needs to be the most reliable and durable choice for your lifestyle and circumstances. That’s it. It may seem like an oversimplified approach to deciding what car is right for you, but it actually requires a lot more thought than you may realize. You see, your routine involves a complex set of tasks, and the car that will enable to run all your errands needs to be up to par. And remember, no two people share the exact same situation.

That brings us to the reason why reliability and durability is paramount. Let’s start with some scenarios. For example, if you’re a construction worker, you’ll most likely want a vehicle that not only gets you from point A to B, but that also has high towing capacity. Right there, you should be looking for a truck. But you have to dig deeper than that. You might need a truck because of your industry, but a tight budget could mean having to get a truck that’s focused on fuel efficiency. Again, that narrows your options down.

Here’s another example. You’ve got a little to burn, and you want a ride that will be perfect for the spring and summer when the temperatures warm up. Perhaps, it will be a sports car. You want the horsepower, superior handling and quick acceleration. But let’s say this particular car will be discontinued. It’s certainly not a crime to buy this vehicle, but it could be a problem if you need to replace certain parts (since manufacturers don’t make parts for discontinued cars). That may mean shifting to another model, which may not offer you the same features. That could mean looking into a completely different type of car (such as luxury) to meet your expectations.

How You Decide What’s Most Reliable & Durable

There’s good and bad news about buying a car this way. The bad news is that you’ll have to really reflect and be honest with yourself, which may mean not getting your original choice. However, the good news is that if you think objectively, you’ll buy a car that is the right fit for you.

How to Find the Most Reliable Choice

  • Look at your budget – Your budget should be the first thing you consider when looking at reliability and durability. Obviously, the vehicle you want to buy should be affordable outfront. But give the long-term costs even more consideration – you can’t escape the fuel expenses, insurance quotes, and maintenance fees.
  • Consider your family size – The number of people in your family should be a common sense factor. Don’t waste money on a two-seater if you have a family of four. And why buy a 7-seater if it’s just you and your significant other? The differences in car sizes affect price, and you should buy what will bring you the most value.

Consider where you live before buying a car.

  • Think about where you live – If you live in a climate of varying seasons, you’ll have to accept that some cars aren’t meant for certain times of the year (ie. convertibles in winter). Additionally, consider your settings. Very large vehicles (ie. Hummers, Escalades) may not make much sense if you live in a dense city where compact cars (or even public transit) would be ideal.
  • Think about distance – How close are you to work or school? Or how long will it take to get to the grocery store or the doctor’s office? These questions matter not only because of time, but also for fuel costs. If you’re going to buy a car that’s a gas guzzler, you’d better hope that you don’t have to travel far to get to your destination.
  • Remember your interests – Are you an outdoorsy person who likes camping or canoeing? Or are you the kind of person who deeply cares about the environment itself? Looking at what you value most in life can help you hone in on the right vehicle.

There are many other personal factors to consider here, but the ones listed above are some of the most pressing. By giving thought to them, the chances of finding the best car for your needs will increase.

A Second Glance

With all of what we’ve mentioned, don’t think that reliability and durability are the only factors to think about. They should be your foundation, but not your everything. Reputation plays a big role in the car you buy too, and that’s a selling point you should think about as well.

Car Type

Should you buy an SUV, truck, luxury car, supercar or economy car? Well, it all depends on your circumstances. However, some of these car types are universally accepted as being superior to each other in certain aspects. For example, no one would argue with an SUV as the ideal buy for a large family over a supercar, whereas the supercar would “kill” the SUV in terms of pure performance.

Car Brand

Yes, it’s also undeniable that some car brands outdo others in certain areas. We’ve all got preferences and we may argue for them, but you can’t debate the studies. We’re not going to name names here, but you should consider which brands will meet your needs most. By doing so, you’ll see why some of these auto makers are put on a pedestal.

Car Colour

Finally, there’s the issue of car colour, which is deeply personal. Technically, there is no right or wrong answer when it comesColour is one of the more subjective factors for choosing a car. to choosing car paint, although you can probably insult the lovers of a beloved car make with your choice. But we say don’t worry about them. What matters most, is that you pick a shade or hue that you have no problems seeing everyday.

Dig Deep to Find the Right Set of Wheels

Don’t believe anyone who says they know what car is just right for you. Only trust them if they know every intimate detail about your life, or if they are, well… you. The vehicle that belongs on your driveway should be the one that brings the most value. And in the context of this article, value means the car that will last the longest based on the lifestyle you live (not just price or rate of depreciation). It may take some time, but really peering into your needs and motivations will lead you to the right car by process of elimination. Eventually, you’ll find yourself sitting in the ride that was meant for you.

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