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What Do I Want For Valentine’s Day This Year? Good Credit

Posted by Auto Loan Solutions

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and with it, scores of advertisements promoting deals on new restaurants and appropriate venues for you to celebrate the bubbly occasion with your one-and-only. And of course, along with it, businesses have been touting their products as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift this year, feverishly anticipating the first commercial holiday of 2015, and the return to frivolous spending – at least for most consumers – for the first time since the Christmas season.

Even car dealerships are doubling down on advertising as the joyous holiday itches closer, which, for many of us, is a laughable notion – who buys a car for their sweetheart anyways? But for Ontario’s elite, giving your wife/girlfriend/mistress a brand new, or new to them, vehicle is the perfect way to say I love you to that special someone – not to mention scoring some serious brownie points.

What do YOU Want for Valentine’s Day?

However, there’s many of us out there who simply can’t afford such lavish presents this Valentine’s Day, who can’t even afford more modestly-priced gifts like jewellery or fashion accessories or classy perfume. For us, there’s only one perfect gift we want this Valentine’s Day, one that will – if properly maintained – ensure that we can properly celebrate it for many, many years to come: a good credit rating, and/or having any outstanding debt completely paid off.

Yes, while this is not the most romantic, creative or intoxicating gift, it’s certainly the most practical, and the one gift that will keep on giving. Now of course, we’re not saying that you have to secretly pay off your boyfriend’s delinquent phone bills this year – unless, of course, he’d find it an absolutely romantic gesture. But we do recommend giving yourself the ability to provide you, and your loved one, with a stress-free day of romance. Believe us, being frugal for a couple of months in order to get your credit standing back into lenders’ good graces is significantly more comforting, and rewarding, than buying your boo that new iPad mini they’ve been not-so-subtly hinting at.

And how, pray tell, do you establish this extraordinary feat? Well it begins, and ends, with budgeting, knowing your limit, paying your bills on time, following whatever tips you can, and ergo, reestablishing your credit.

Sadly, for many of us – depending of course on your personal situation – even these steps won’t drastically improve your credit rating.

So What Will?

Well, while many of you may not know it, applying for an auto loan with a trusted, reputable, and recommended auto loan financing company like Auto Loan Solutions is actually the first step in seriously improving your credit score. By taking out a loan for a new or used car, and by paying it responsibly and on time, you prove to banks and creditors that you can indeed be trusted. If you follow the budget plan one of our specialists have worked out with you, and set up an automated system to pay your bills each month, you’ll have your credit score back to snuff in no time. And what’s more romantic than that?

With your credit rating in good standing, you’ll be eligible for better interest rates and bigger loans – once you can afford to pay them back on time – meaning that, yes, this year’s V Day may be a bit more grounded, but next year, and the year after that, and the year after that? Sky’s the limit.

In light of the big day, MSN this week posted a piece titled “Eight Financial Habits That Could Ruin Your Valentine’s Day,” looking at those negative behaviour traits that could ruin your day of love, not to mention your relationship! Things like “hiding purchases from your partner,” “not budgeting,” “ignoring bills,” “buying late, paying more” all make the list.

Coincidentally, avoiding all of these habits and being honest with your partner that he/she will receive a more frugally conscious gift in order to get your credit and/or debt back under control will actually quite work out in your favour – it shows your partner that you’re responsible, determined, dedicated, and know how to plan ahead. A real partner won’t be irritated at the fact that you didn’t dish out on a new Mercedes-Benz if you’re putting that money towards reestablishing your credit instead.

So you might be asking yourself, what SHOULD I buy my sweetheart this year without taking too much (or anything at all) out of my emergency fund? Here are some ways to impress your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife this Valentine’s, without spending too much coin.

Gifts Are So Much Sweeter When You DIY

  • Buying Flowers? Ditch the vase, pick them up yourself, and buy them earlier – consult a local florist on which arrangements will keep, and which you can afford on a fixed budget
  • Learn how to cook your loved one’s favourite dish, and cook it at home! Create a nice ambience and set the mood, light some candles, scatter some rose petals, play some Marvin Gaye, you get the drift. A beautifully-set table and well-prepared evening at home can be much more romantic than going out to a fancy, but ultra-expensive, restaurant.
  • Breakfast in bed – there’s nothing better
  • Make a romantic card

Besides having significant sentimental value over anything store-bought, following these tips and making a DIY Valentine’s Day gift will save your wallet from any considerable spending sprees this February. Instead, continue to budget, save, pay back your bills on time (whether auto loan, credit cards, mortgage, etc.) and get back into pristine financial shape for next year.

Believe us, when you get your sweetheart that surprise trip to Jamaica, she definitely won’t mind that you decided not to splurge this year. Good luck, and of course, Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

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