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5 “Dirtbusters” that You Need in Your Trunk this Winter

Posted by Auto Loan Solutions

Even if you’ve got a Mustang or Mercedes-Benz parked in the garage, a cluster of salt and slush stains will take away from your car’s beauty. In fact, the looks on strangers faces would be the equivalent of them shaking their heads, rather than it being a sign of admiration. A dirty car is really a reflection of one’s self. Even if you agree with this sentiment, you might reason that everyone’s car is filthy during the winter, especially when snowstorms roll through town one after another. Nevertheless, washing your car in the winter is still vital to protect it from damage, as well as preventing it from turning into an abomination on wheels. Here’s a look at five dirt-busting products you should keep with you.

1. Salt Remover

Salt is a both protective and destructive for your car. It melts ice, leaving the roads drier so your tires haveSalt remover can prevent paint damage and rusting. increased traction. However, wheels kicking up salt onto your car’s exterior can damage the paint, and it’s long-term corrosive effects can lead to rusting. Not only is salt harmful to your car’s exterior, the interior can suffer as well. You’ve probably seen what salt stains look like in a vehicle’s carpeting, and it doesn’t look pretty at all. That’s where a salt remover comes in. The application of such a product can lift stains from a car’s carpeting and paint surface, keeping damage at bay.

2. High Quality Wax

Admittedly, washing your car in the winter is a nuisance. When you’re scrubbing away for hours every week, there’s a sense of frustration and hopelessness that sets in. You can make winter car cleaning less of a battle by using a high quality wax. These products work by forming a protective barrier on the surface of a car, so that it stays cleaner for a longer period of time. The beauty of using a wax, is the fact that it offers protection for as long as a month, which is reassuring considering how wild winter weather can get within just the span of a week or so.

3. De-icer spray

Using a de-icing spray comes handy when trying to clear a windshield of ice. Scraping ice off of your car is a burden, especially if it’s freezing cold and if you’re running late. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a little help? Fortunately, “de-icing” sprays can make the job easier. They’re formulated to penetrate ice, frost and snow so that it takes less effort and time to remove them from your car. These sprays are best applied on windows and your windshield where ice and snow is likely to accumulate and reduce visibility although you could use it anywhere that is problematic (frozen door handle). It’s very easy to use these sprays – it’s as simple as spraying the surface, turning your defroster on, and scraping the ice away (without as much effort).

4. Windshield washer booster

Good old windshield washer works well enough to remove grime and dirt, but it doesn’t hurt to have a booster product. Essentially, a booster strengthens the cleaning power of your washer fluid, so that it lifts more debris off of the windshield. Some will even prevent your washer fluid from leaving streaks or smears behind, so that the glass is completely spotless.  A booster for your windshield washer fluid is great if you live in an area that experiences heavy snowfall, slush and other conditions that makes dirt a problem for your car. It’s not a necessity, but it’s perfect if you hate the sight of unsightly streaks.

5. Paint Sealant

Your car’s paint coating takes a beating in the winter, and even regular cleaning doesn’t completely protect it from damage. Washing your car in the winter merits the use of paint sealant. Aside from washing your vehicle at least once a month, you should consider buying a sealant that adds a protective layer to your car’s paint. We mentioned high quality waxes earlier as being effective for this purpose and although they are, a sealant can offer long-lasting protection against salts and water (more than wax). That is not to say that wax is useless, but a sealant is a great choice if you’re deeply concerned about the condition of your paint.

Bust Winter Dirt Before it Hurts

The dirt and grime that builds up on cars is unsightly, and it may embarrass you if it gets the wrong kind of attention. However, the biggest concern with dirt is the damage it can inflict on your vehicle. And for that reason, it makes sense to spend on a few products that will keep your car clean and shiny this winter. They can make washing your car in the winter time a lot simpler and less time-consuming, especially on those days when it’s too cold to stand outside, cleaning your vehicle. They’re easy-to-use and cost-effective tools to keep your ride sparkly despite the messy days of winter.

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