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Driver Satisfaction Ahead: 5 Undeniable Benefits of Hybrid Cars

Posted by Auto Loan Solutions

Sometimes you don’t realize you’re a certain kind of person until someone else has shown new options,More people are seeing the benefits of buying a hybrid car. or thrown into a strange scenario. The same can be said for cars. After test driving your friend’s SUV, for example, you may see them in a new light if they never tickled your fancy. With that said, how do you feel about hybrids and fully-electric vehicles? Maybe you’re on the fence about them. If so, think hard about your mindset these days, and how your automotive life may improve by embracing the benefits of hybrid cars, as well as the fully-electric ones. After test driving these vehicles yourself, you may agree with former Acura slogan that once said, “The road will never be same.”

You Want One. You Just Don’t Know it Yet

There’s a good chance that some of you who are reading this post are already in the right gear for a hybrid or fully electric car. Over the years, attitudes towards cars have changed. You could probably say the same for yourself. What used to matter in a vehicle, might mean little to you now and vice-versa. It’s also worth mentioning, that the state of the economy has probably changed your mind over issues such as finding the best time to buy a car, or what brand you’ll choose.

Tired of Prices at the Pump

Paying less for gas is one of the major benefits of buying hybrid cars. One of the main benefits of buying a hybrid car is the reduction in fuel costs. Gas guzzling is not a problem here. Now let’s face it, ever since the great recession that began in 2008 – 2009, we’ve all been a little more careful about our on-road excursions. If anything, your car has probably spent more time in the garage or on the driveway. And in the past few months when the price of gas dropped to record lows, your car was back out on the road more often. But imagine owning a car without having to let gas prices dictate how often you could drive or not. Hybrids and electric cars can do that for you. It’s not uncommon for hybrids to go for 600 miles/966 kilometers longer than traditional cars between fill-ups. The result? You can cut the time spent at the pump in half and save hundreds of dollars a year.

You Care About the Environment

You might be one of those special individuals who truly cares about the environment. Some may laud you, and others may call you a treehugger (ignore them). No matter what others think or say about your devotion to the Earth, you can contribute to a better planet by means of what you drive. With that said, many people are doing so by not idling in parking lots, and ensuring their emissions are clean. But driving a hybrid takes environmental savvy to the next level. They produce 90 percent less smog-forming emissions in the tailpipe, as opposed to other cars. Additionally, these cars have built-in idle features; for example, hybrids often switch from gas to electric at stop lights.

You Can Get Tax Credits

Who doesn’t like government reimbursements! Think about the times you found an HST check in the Contributing to a cleaner world is one of the benefits of hybrid cars. mail – it’s almost like receiving a present. If you want more of these in your life, then buying a hybrid will open you up to these opportunities. For example, here in Ontario, drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) can enjoy various incentives, such as an $8,500 rebate depending on the size of the vehicle’s battery. You could also qualify for a $1,000 rebate for having a private or home charging station. There’s no arguing that these are great benefits to have, and they can certainly go a long way financially.

You Care About Resale Value

Depreciation is inevitable. Unlike the renaissance paintings hanging on your wall, your car will lose its value over time. That’s why the only way to counteract it is by choosing a vehicle that has a high resale value. There are some brands, models and makes known for retaining their worth for a long time. You might know a few. What you may not know, is that hybrid and electric vehicles generally have a high resale value. Ultimately, there are two factors that affect how quickly these vehicles depreciate – public demand for these cars and gas prices. And it’s safe to say that both of these are going up. Gas prices tend to fluctuate, but they often rise on a gradual slope. As for public demand, more people are choosing hybrid cars for their benefits, so that will certainly increase their value in the near future.

You’re Trendy

Everyone, no matter how old you are, justifies their car purchases by emotion – like all other products. There’s a good chance that the car you currently possess (or the one you want) appeals to some desire. Maybe you want a vehicle that looks fast, sleek, sporty, luxurious or modern. And there’s nothing wrong with that. While it shouldn’t be your primary motivation, aesthetics should factor into your car-buying choices. Again, hybrids can appeal to these wants. Hybrids have been at the centre of doubt in the design department, but they’ve improved tremendously over the years. Not only do they carry the same look as traditional vehicles, they also put you in a category occupied by some notable or “cool” people. Just for the record, some of your favourite celebrities drive hybrid cars, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Larry David and Salma Hayek. Again, this is a vanity point, but it’s a quick and easy way to feel cool about what you’re buying.

A Jolt of Encouragement

Buying a hybrid vehicle (or any car for that matter), takes a lot of forethought. So don’t rush out to buy one. However, don’t brush them off completely since they may change your driving experience. There are some great perks that come along with the ownership of a hybrid car, perhaps ones you’ve wanted for a while now. You can start by giving one a test drive, to get a feel for them. If the features and driving experience please you, then keep a hybrid or electric car on your list of choices.

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