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Find A Job Or A Car At This Year’s Auto Show

Posted by Auto Loan Solutions

Last week, we warned our readers not to be lured by the dazzling display of vehicles and new automotive advances at the forthcoming Canadian International Auto Show, which starts tomorrow (February 13th) and will run until February 22nd at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre:

“While these features are often appealing, it’s always important to manage your luxury purchases if you’re looking to buy a new car. It’s also vital, for those of us with a poor credit score looking to attend, that we don’t get too dazzled by all these neat new concept vehicles and gadgets. Also, be sure to avoid sports cars!”

Toyota FT-1

We heed this warning because, well, for the first time ever, you can actually purchase a car at the Auto Show this year, but also (and more importantly) because having a poor credit score and buying a brand new vehicle don’t mix. More often than not, buying used is the way to go if you’ve either filed for a consumer proposal, have experienced bankruptcy, have no credit, poor credit, or loads of debt.

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Cars at CIAS 2015

As the old saying goes, the moment you drive off the lot in your brand new car, its value begins to depreciate and decrease. By buying a used car, however, the immediate loss in the value of your vehicle has already been absorbed by its previous owner. And, of course, buying used is also considerably cheaper.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend this year’s Auto Show. In fact, we encourage it!

A few days ago, CTV News published an intriguing editorial on why the Auto Show is a MUST for car shoppers, regardless of if they’d be interested in buying right then-and-there from an approved vendor, or if they’re even interested in buying this year. They cite an average of 80,000 new-car purchases as influenced by the Auto Show (some 300,000 Ontarians are expected to attend this year), and explain several reasons why it’s worth the $23 admission fee:

“There are plenty of good reasons to go to an auto show, including just getting the chance to see all kinds of cool show cars and demonstrations of clever stuff. If you’re thinking of actually buying in the next year or two, here are five reasons to attend, plus, for all you car-mudgeons, one reason to think twice.”

These reasons include the fact that there’s no pressure to buy, the manufacturer’s reps are really the best people to learn from about the potential car you’re interested in, and you can analyze and examine essentially every car that’s on the market, including brand new models, and luxury models you probably can’t afford (though they sure are pretty to look at).

Rolls-Royce Ghost II

Yes, you may only afford a used car this year, but if you continue building your credit in 2015 by exercising efficient credit-building habits (like paying off your bills on time), then obtaining a brand new vehicle can certainly be in your foreseeable future if that’s one of your goals – say at Auto Show 2017? By attending this year’s event, you can start doing your homework early, and begin to decipher what car would suit your financial needs, and what car you’re most impressed by.

Why Else Attend the Auto Show?

In an editorial he wrote for the Toronto Star, Auto Show President Benny Leung touts the advantages of this year’s ten-day event in a piece titled “Dreaming of a car? How about a career? Auto show’s got both.”

“Nowhere else in Canada can you check out so many new vehicles in one place,” he writes. “The industry is booming, too, with dealers hungry to hire men and women with diverse talents.”

According to Leung, students and parents are often “surprised” to learn of the potential income they can make by joining the automotive industry. And for this year’s show, he’s making one of the focuses on recruiting young talented men and women, whether they’re interested in sales, service, or management:

“One of my aims is to promote education in the automotive industry. I’m thrilled about our recently-launched education initiative called Career Start, which includes an educational brochure and YouTube videos (visit Career Start encourages new car dealers to form relationships with schools, host career information fairs, showcase career opportunities at the CIAS, and promote auto careers through traditional print and social media.”

Leung believes that the automotive industry needs to better target young people to learn about this flourishing, important industry, and his first step is offering this attractive incentive to young professionals looking for work.

Canadian International Auto Show 2014

If you’re in need of work, and a fan of cars, than this year’s Auto Show is surely a win-win. After perusing the long list of vehicles, be sure to make your way over to the 700 Level to talk to industry reps about the industry, and put your foot in the door. Good luck!

Needless to say, for the rest of us who will be attending the event due to our infatuation with all things auto, you can expect to confront several youngsters this year, and maybe even teach them a thing or two!