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Taking a Second Look Through the Window of the Car Dealership’s Future

Last year, I wrote an article looking to the changing nature of the car dealership and its future. Given all the new developments that…

Will the UK’s First Driverless Policy Mean Cheaper Insurance?
Self-driving cars have led many to think car insurance rates will drop.

In what seems like an inevitable development, the U.K. has received its first driverless car insurance company.
Adrian Flux, a car insurance company based out…

Does Bill 15 Actually Reduce My Auto Insurance?

Ontarian drivers have long felt the agony of ever-increasing auto insurance rates – a hike of 11.4 percent occurred from 2004-2012 alone! Well, it seems…

We All Love A Good Deal But is Cheap Car Insurance Worth It?

Everyone loves a deal – the madness that ensues during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and heck, even bidding wars on E-bay are a clear indication…

What to Do, and Not to Do, After a Car Accident
Traffic accident and to drivers fighting

You’re commuting to work just like any other day, when another driver suddenly merges into your lane without checking his/her blind spot, hitting your car in…

Factors Affecting Auto Insurance Premiums
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When purchasing a new vehicle, a lot of people focus on the car loan. Of course the loan payment is an important consideration, but it’s…