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Taking a Second Look Through the Window of the Car Dealership’s Future

Last year, I wrote an article looking to the changing nature of the car dealership and its future. Given all the new developments that…

Is it Risky Getting a Subprime Auto Loan?
The recession of 08 - 09 contributed to the negative image of subprime loans.

If you have recently fallen off the “good credit wagon”, picking yourself back up and heading in the right direction is tough. Things will change…

How to Buy Yourself Time if You Can’t Pay Your Auto Loan
Car repossessions are reality when auto loans go unpaid.

Having a car is great until the costs start to add up. And if they reach a point where you feel buried in…

In the Moment: Why Timing Matters When Seeking an Auto Loan
Don’t race to get a car loan - timing is important.

In life, timing is everything. Whether you’re applying for a job, proposing to someone or capturing the perfect picture, doing things at the right moment…