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With Canadian Job Quality At Record Low, Good Credit Has Never Been More Important

According to CIBC’s Canadian Employment Quality Index, compiled by the bank’s deputy chief economist Benjamin Tal, job quality in Canada is at a record low,…

What Credit Card Is Right for YOU?

Choosing a credit card is no walk in the park, and understandably so. After all, the credit card you use has a direct influence on…

Instalment Loans: The Newest Threat to Canadian Consumers

Over the last year, car loan debt has risen at significantly faster rates than normal – 20% to be exact – making it the fastest growing…

Don’t Pay Your Bills on Time? Your Car Could Get Repossessed

Have you taken out an auto loan on your vehicle but are behind on the payments? Is your auto lender constantly bugging you about…

Don’t Have Enough for a Down Payment? Have Bad Credit? Your Dream of Owning a Car May Not Be Over

Jack recently graduated from university and landed his first out-of-school job across town. He’ll need a way to get there. As with most new graduates,…

3 Misconceptions About People With Bad Credit
12.30.2014 - Pic - Misconceptions About People With Bad Credit

At Auto Loan Solutions, we have been helping people with no credit or bad credit find affordable ways to buy a vehicle when they need…