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How Grease Monkeys Talk You into Car Maintenance You Don’t Need

Have you ever left home, telling yourself you’re only going to buy one item, but returned with three or four? It’s not weakness; persuasion is…

Dying Breeds: Will Modern Cars Mean the End of Our Mechanic Skills?
Unlike modern cars, older vehicles gave you more room to fix them on your own.

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What You Should Do if a Breakdown Happens on the Highway
In most car breakdown scenarios, roadside assistance is necessary.

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5 Car Noises that Should Send You to a Mechanic
Investigating a strange sound may save you from facing a bigger problem later.

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Looking to Save Money on Your Car? Find A Mechanic You Can Trust

As a car owner, taking your vehicle in for repairs is inevitable (though there are some repairs you can do yourself to save you money),…

Save Money Doing These 4 Simple Car Repairs Yourself
Save Money with DIY Car Repairs

When you have struggled to purchase a new vehicle, especially if you have secured automotive financing with no credit or bad credit, there are a…