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The Cure to Traffic Congestion — Self-Driving Taxis New Study Finds

No one likes being stuck in traffic. It’s frustrating, tedious, and a waste of valuable time. What if someone told you that there’s a…

Is it Possible to Leave a Child in a Hot Car “by Accident”?
Child stuck in hot locked car

On July 1st in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, deputies found a two year-old boy locked in a hot car, buckled…

How a Driving Safety Kit Saved a Family’s Life During the Winter
Watching winter weather reports are essential for driver safety.

Nearly two years have passed since James Glanton and Christina McIntee’s escaped a frigid and life-threatening encounter with winter.
In December 2013, James, 34, and…

7 Overlooked Driving Safety Habits You Need to Start Practicing
Checking your mirror multiple is an essential driving safety practice.

Most of us try our best to drive safely. Apart from taking the occasional risk, such as going a bit over the speed limit, we…

Roadside Ready: 5 Tools to Keep if You’re Driving an Old Car
Having tools for roadside emergencies are essential if you’re driving an old car.

If you are driving an old car, perhaps one that has way too much mileage for its own good, you know that its days are…

5 Safety Devices in Cars…and Their Dangers
High-tech displays are fantastic safety devices in cars, but their flashing symbols can overwhelm drivers.

We are living in an era where our driving experience is starting to resemble what we’ve seen on T.V. The Jetsons, Knight Rider, Batman –…

Winter Safety Saves Money AND Lives – Part 1
11.20.2014 - Pic - Winter Driving Pt1

Even though we all know it’s coming, the sudden arrival of accumulated snow on the roads in Southern Ontario always manages to throw us for…

4 Ways Safe Driving Can Really Pay Off
11.13.2014 - Pic - Safe Driving

Whether it’s your first time purchasing a vehicle, or you’re a seasoned pro on the car lot, one thing is clear: anything you can do…