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5 Myths About Driving in Winter That We Need to Bury for Good
Advertising has unintentionally led to the myth of all-wheel drive cars being safer in winter.

No one really likes driving when it’s ten below, or if the road is coated with slush and snow. To make it worse, there are…

Hate Winter? These 5 Destinations Will Change Your Mind
A trip along Seward highway offers travellers sights of impressive mountain ranges.

What comes to mind when someone mentions winter driving? Hypnotically slow treks along fog-laden highways? Heart-fluttering attempts to steer yourself out of a skid? Or…

5 Hacks to Prep Your Ride for Winter Driving
Installing snow tires is a vital part of preparing for winter driving.

We’re getting closer to the year’s end yet the weather feels like early fall. Let’s knock on wood, for we don’t know how much longer…

Do You Need a Car with All-Wheel Drive to Brace the Snow? Or Just Winter Tires?

AWD: Necessity or Pleasure?
At the tail-end of 2014, popular money-saving blog Mr. Money Mustache posted an in-depth examination on the common All-Wheel Drive VS. Four-Wheel…

Winter is Harsh – Protect Your Car!

In the winter months, you hear frequent complaints from people about cracked, dry hands and static in the air. If your car could talk, you…

#ProTips for Safe Winter Driving
Winter Driving Protips

No matter how much driving you do in your daily life, and you may well do a lot, you have nothing on professional truck drivers….